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Top Tips To Take Care Of  Your Skin In Summer

Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer

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With temperatures rising high and high, from the joy of eating mangoes to taking long cold showers, bright long sunny days are here!

Summers can be sometimes harsh on the body. Keeping the skin safe and healthy should be a priority.

As the weather becomes warm, humidity in the environment increases, during this time the sebaceous glands secrete excess oil, leading to oily, greased & blocked pores on the skin.

Acne is a common problem that occurs in summer. Skin mixing with pollution and oil secretion leads to breakouts.

Exposure to harmful UV rays increases the natural production of melanin to protect the skin. Melanin has photo-protective properties and leads to dark & tanned skin.


A proper skincare routine should be followed in all seasons and all climates.


Here are some tips to care for your skin:

1. Hydrate to Rejuvenate

It is a common phenomenon that your body loses a good amount of hydration in summer. Consuming a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water daily can keep the body and skin hydrated.

Your skin will be oily and may feel that it doesn’t need hydration, but the skin still loses its innate moisture when exposed to the heat and humidity. Try Dermatouch HA Tyrostat Hydra-cleansing serum or HA Wildberry Insta-Hydrating serum for skin’s hydration from within.

2. Exfoliation…. More or less

With too much exposure to sun & temperature exfoliation of skin becomes necessary for your skin. Exfoliation clears dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. There arises a question of how often should you exfoliate your skin and the answer is anywhere between two-three times a week.

It is advisable not to exfoliate your skin during the daytime as it will increase the chances of exfoliated sensitive skin to sun exposure. Try Dermatouch AHA BHA Exfoliating Serum and to gently scrub away the dead skin cells try Bye Bye Pigmentation Scrub.

3. Lushy Lips

Just like our face and body, our lips need extra attention. Even during summers your lips can be chapped and dry. Spend some time on routine lip care.

Exfoliation and moisturization of lips on a daily and routine basis is a must. Try Dermatouch Bye Bye Dry & Dark Lips Scrub for exfoliated, nourished and hydrated lips.

4. Mindful Mositurization

Hydrating the skin is as important as hydrating the body. Pollution, sweat, artificial humidifier, etc. plays a major role in drying out the skin in summers. Skin overcompensates dehydration by producing more oil. It is important to keep the skin moisturized.

Using oil-free & non-greasy moisturizers instead of heavy creams can help you to keep your skin moisturized without feeling greasy. Try Dermatouch Hydrosella & Vitamin-E Moisturizer for all-day hydration and protection.

5. CTM for Shiny Oily skin

During summers your skin looks shiny due to excess sebum secretion on the skin. The skin sebum contains lipids and fats that protect the skin from overdrying due to exposure to environmental aggressors which in turn makes the skin’s surface extra oily.

CTM is one of the most effective and easy skincare to follow. C stands for Cleansing, T stands for Toning & M stands for Moisturizing.

Cleansing the skin is the first step for any skincare. Try Dermatouch Acne Prone & Oily Skin cleanser to cleanse the skin oil, dirt and impurities without losing moisture balance.

Toning helps to close pores and tighten skin cell gaps after the cleansing. It reduces the penetration of impurities on skin. Try Dermatouch Pore Tightening Alcohol-Free Toner to refine pores & diminish uneven skin tone.

To complete the skincare steps’ cycle one must end with moisturization. Correct moisturizer helps skin barrier function, acts as humectant and repairs skin. Try Dermatouch Lipid Trio Cream to restore skin barrier and improve overall skin radiance.

6. Tricky Treatment

Treatment in skincare means using products addressing specific skin issues such as acne, dark circles, pigmentation, dark spots, aging, etc. The treatment type you need and the benefits it will deliver to your skin will largely depend on the concerns you are dealing with. You should continue the treatment until the concern resolves. There is no fixed time as to when the resolution to skin concerns can be changed back to normal.

Usually, any skincare product will take 6-8 weeks to show effective results.

7. Summer Pamper

During summertime, UV rays can wreak havoc on exposed skin. With a rigorous skincare routine and a tinge of extra pamper, your skin can be bright & glowing.

Try Dermatouch Skin Radiance Cream for overall healthy, dewy & bright skin. Dermatouch 2% Salicylic Acid Wash-off Face Mask gently exfoliates acne-caused dead skin cells resulting in smoother, clearer, bright skin.

8. No Conclusion without SPF Inclusion

Whether it is summer or winter, one thing that is constantly being pushed is the use of sunscreens. Sunscreen loyalty has to do more with protection than vanity. Undoubtedly the most essential step of skincare needs more knowledge.

How to select sunscreen:

Broad-spectrum- Sunscreens with broad spectrum protect the skin from ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, both of which can cause skin cancer.

SPF 30 or greater- SPF means Sun Protection Factor, meaning how well a sunscreen protects you from sunburn. SPF of 30 or greater is considered an ideal choice.

Re-application- Reapplication of sunscreen every two-four hours amplifies its effect.


Conclusion: A proper summer skin care routine helps the skin to stay protected and healthy.

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