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Alpha-Hydroxy Acids: Complete Guide For You


AHAs, short for Alpha-hydroxy acids, are referred to as the different acids derived from a group of plants and animals. These are used by various skin-care products to provide effective results. Various products that include these acids are toners, serums, creams, and occasional chemical peels concentrated treatments.


There are commonly six types of AHAs that are used in skin-care products. Different acids offer different benefits to the skin. Let us have a look at the different acids and the benefits they exhibit. 

  1. Malic Acid
It is made from apple acids. This acid might not be effective when used individually but has significant advantages when used with other acids.
Benefits: This AHA derived from fruits offers many benefits such as skin brightening, hydrating, and anti-ageing.  
  1. Tartaric Acid
Although it is not known widely among people, using it can save you from many skin-damaging elements, such as acne and sun damage. 
Benefits: Derived from grapes, its benefits include healing of skin from sun damage, have anti-ageing properties, and offer a moisturizing effect on the skin.  
  1. Lactic Acid
Lactic acid, unlike other AHAs that are made from fruits, is made from the lactose acids present in milk. It is made from other carbohydrates also.
Benefits: Lactic acid works wonderfully in curing hyperpigmentation, reducing age spots, and fixing uneven skin tone.
  1. Mandelic Acid
The large molecules for this acid are derived from almond extracts. When it is used alone, it may help in improving skin texture and skin pores. 
Benefits: When it is used with other AHAs, it works as a great exfoliator. In addition, it helps in case of hyperpigmentation, sun damage and inflammatory acne.
  1. Glycolic Acid
It is a common type of AHA, made from sugarcane, and be considered an all-around treatment for various skin problems. 
Benefits: Its antimicrobial helps the skin in exfoliating. Moreover, it also has anti-ageing properties and works great for stimulation. 
  1. Citric Acid
It is made from extracts from citrus fruits. The main function of this acid is to neutralize the pH levels of the skin.
Benefits: It is present in sunscreen products to save you from harmful UV rays. Apart from that, it also helps in exfoliating, softening and brightening skin.


AHAs, when used on the skin provide ideal results. You can use them for exfoliation, anti-ageing, moisturizing, correcting skin tone and many other purposes. However, the results might depend on your skin type. So, always consult your dermatologists before using them.


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