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Exfoliating Face Serum 30ML

This dermatologically tested serum with clinically proven actives is a gentle exfoliator which helps in exfoliating built-up layers of tanned dead skin to reveal brighter skin. The blend of AHA and BHA in this non-pore-clogging exfoliator sheds the dead skin cells from the dermis to epidermis layers, working deeper on pores and dirt. Lime Pearl being a natural form of AHA, exfoliates and improves the skin to a smoother, brighter and even complexion. This serum also helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of other skincare products. With continuous usage of our stand-out formulated serum, the skin may be noticed as rejuvenated, radiant and healthy.

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Oren Lotha

Exfoliating Face Serum 30ML



What is AHA?

AHA stands for Alpha hydroxy acid. Chemically, AHAs are weak organic acids with one or more hydroxyl groups attached to the alpha carbon. The series of AHA acids are mostly derived from plant and animal sources, though the ones used in dermatologic and cosmetic products are usually synthetically produced.

AHAs when applied in the form of superficial and medium-depth peels are used to treat acne, scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and seborrhea. AHAs are known to improve wrinkled skin by increasing the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans.

What is BHA?

BHA stands for Beta hydroxy acid. Chemically, BHAs are organic compounds that contain a carboxylic acid functional group. BHAs are less strong than AHAs. The series of BHA acids are mostly derived from willow bark.

Researches have shown that BHAs are effective on oilier, blemish-prone skin. Pores being considered the root cause to many of the skin problems can be effectively remedied with BHA.

AHA v/s BHA: The difference and benefits

AHAs are water-soluble which means they exfoliate on the surface level of the skin. They have the ability to enhance natural moisturising factors within the skin. BHAs are oil-soluble, hence do not work on the surface of the skin and rather they penetrate deeper into the pores and clean. BHAs have natural skin calming properties.

AHAs and BHAs both exfoliate the skin in a non-abrasive manner. They break the bonds that hold the dead skin and exfoliate the skin to give a better rejuvenated replenished texture. Using AHAs and BHAs together can give advanced results to multiple skin problems.

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