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We are overwhelmed with the high demand of Kojic Acid Soap. Please allow 5 to 7 days of delay in Delivery.
We are overwhelmed with the high demand of Kojic Acid Soap. Please allow 5 to 7 days of delay in Delivery.
Summer Sizzle Saver: Your Ultimate Sunscreen Defense for Face!

Summer Sizzle Saver: Your Ultimate Sunscreen Defense for Face!

Using the top sunscreen for face is essential to protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Choosing the finest sunscreen is really difficult, given the vast array of options. For this reason, our guide aims to simplify the procedure for you and provide you with dependable recommendations that suit your individual requirements.  

Our guide will help you narrow down your search and choose the top sunscreen for face, whether you require full-spectrum, all-around sun protection or a lightweight option with extra skincare features. We will assist you in selecting the best sunscreen cream for face, which should be functional and safe to use in the sun's rays. 

Benefits of Using Sunscreen on the Face 


The primary barrier that shields the skin from the sun's damaging UV radiation is sunscreen. Ageing, burns, and an increased risk of cancer can result from moderate sun exposure. By applying the top sunscreen for face every day and avoiding any side effects, people will have easy access to safe skin. Reapplying sunscreen often aids in preventing sunburn, which can result in pain, irritation, and peeling skin.  


Choosing the Right Sunscreen for Your Face 

It’s important to always protect our skin from the sun but what we apply on the face is very important. Here are a few factors for choosing the top sunscreen for face:  

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 

When it comes to daily use on the face, doctors suggest the use of SPF 30 or higher. SPF 50 filters 98% of UVB rays making it appropriate for everyday use. According to dermatologists, one should use liberal amounts of sunscreen and should also use reapplication every two hours particularly when one is sweating or has gone swimming. 

Broad Spectrum Protection 

Sunscreens with these labels offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays to ensure you are safe in the sun. UVA rays again affect the skin and cause it to age more than it should through wrinkling. Total sun protection offers an all-around barrier against the sun's effects. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen on your face, and neck especially the ears and other parts because they are sensitive to the sun. 

Water Resistance

If you have a tendency to sweat a lot or if you swim then it is advisable to choose waterproof products. Water resistance is usually indicated on the label, and can range between 40 to 80 minutes. You should also reapply the lotion after getting wet in water or losing excess oils through sweating. Moreover, other protective apparel including hats and sunglasses can also be worn as extra measures towards protection from the harsh effects of the sun, especially for those who engage in external activities for long periods. 


When it comes to the finish of your sunscreen, choose the best one according to your desire. Chemical sunscreens are not greasy and make the skin look natural while minerals are perfect for the sensitive skin type and may give a white cast. You have to choose your sunscreen depending on the needs of your skin and the kind of finish you require. Some people find a higher percentage safe for regular use, while others prefer a lower concentration more suitable for a daily routine. 


How to Apply Sunscreen to Your Face 

For beautiful, healthy skin; top sunscreen for face can be your best buddy. However, for it to be effective, there are certain areas that need to be followed strictly during the application process. 

  • Start by washing the face to clear any debris or residues from other skincare products to give the sunscreen a clean surface on which to work.  
  • Take a pea-sized portion of the sunscreen and spread it all over the face. forehead, nose, cheeks and chin regions should be given extra attention when applying the lotion. 
  • When applying the sunscreen, make upward motions when spreading it across the face so as not to pull the skin. This lessens skin friction and thereby helps to avoid rubbing of delicate parts of the skin. 
  • Do not forget the ears, the neck, the décolletage and, if your hair is thinning on top, your scalp. 

By following these steps and making sunscreen a daily habit, you’re giving your face the best defense against these dangerous UV rays. 


Discover Dermatouch Sunscreen for Best Care 

Both Dermatouch Acne Pro SPF 50 PA+++ Sunscreen and Dermatouch Matte Touch Sunscreen are great products recommended for all skin types, particularly if you do not like your sunscreen to feel oily on your skin. Matte Touch Sunscreen offers maximum protection with SPF 50 protection from UVA and UVB rays thus preventing you from getting sunburn and skin aging. It is available without any fragrance, and it does not come off easily when exposed to water and sweat, which makes it suitable for use during activities like hiking and camping among others. Furthermore, it has clinically active ingredients to enhance the skin shield against blue light coming from computers and other gadgets.  

The Dermatouch Acne Pro SPF 50 PA+++ Sunscreen is designed for those with acne-prone skin and also delivers a matte finish as per the SPF 50 protection of the Matte Touch but with additional features. It has some properties that are effective in preventing new outbreaks and healing inflammation. Also, it is moisturizing; your skin feels elastic and is not greasy, thus preventing clogging of skin pores. These sunscreens allow you to effectively protect your skin from the sun and still keep it clear of acne, all while remaining comfortable. 



In conclusion, one should use best sunscreen cream for face as part of their daily skin care regimen to reduce aging signs on the face. Sunscreen is also beneficial to our skin because it shields it from any harm caused by UVB rays and thus aids in preventing skin cancer and early signs of skin aging.  

Skin maintenance that is done regularly to reduce sun damage keeps skin’s radiance and youthfulness intact, resulting in fewer pigmented areas and less roughness. Do not forget to use sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, with an SPF of 50 or over, and do so at least every two hours whenever you are in direct sunlight. Accept sunscreen as your skin guardian against the sun and let your skin remain healthy and radiantly beautiful for a lifetime. 

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