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🎉Amazing deals on orders above 899!
🎉Amazing deals on orders above 899!


XFoliPEARL acts as a gentle exfoliator and cleansing agent. It is made from natural waxes and offers an alternative to polyethylene beads. It is created using in-house spray freezing technology which results in consistency in the size and smoothness of each bead. 

The combination of high-melting point waxes allows robust beads that remain stable in aqueous gels and emulsions. Moreover, XFoliPEARL has no impact on pH and is compatible with a large range of cosmetic ingredients, even with acne treatment formulas to maintain long term integrity.


  •  It is non-irritating, eco-friendly, easy-to-use, biodegradable and cost-efficient. It is compatible with water, polar & non-polar oils, benzoyl peroxide, natural and synthetic emollients, silicones and silicone alternative.

  •  XFoliPEARL finds application in formulating bathing soaps, facewash, cleanser, decorative cosmetics, lip balm, acne treatment and facial-, body-, foot-, scalp- and 2-in-1 face masks.

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